Temprotech Polyethylene Sheet Temprotech Polyethylene Sheet

Polyethylene Sheet

For quick and efficient covering of large areas and open spaces, polyethylene sheet up to 4 metres wide are supplied in roll form - widths greater than 2m are folded before rolling. They can also be used for covering and wrapping of equipment and the containment of dust, dirt and overspray within work areas. Narrow widths can be supplied for corridors and walkways to provide a versatile, low cost protection solution that can be applied quickly and easily.

This sheet can also be custom printed with your logo for identification and promotional purposes.

TPT100FR (LPS1207)
100micron 4.0m x 50m (200m² roll)

TPT200FR (LPS1207)
200micron 4.0m x 50m (200m² roll)

TPT300M1 (LPS1207 and M1)
300micron 1.2m x 50m (60m² roll)

Download Polyethylene Sheet Datasheet